Tree Trimming

Enhance the look of your property while protecting it from potential damage with tree trimming services from Justin’s Tree Service in Chesterton, IN. We specialize in removing dead and dangerously placed tree branches from residential and commercial properties.

Stump Grinding

In additional to tree removal, we also provide stump grinding for all sizes of stumps. This service comes with complete clean up, and haul away of debris. For an additional cost, we can also lay black soil and grass over the stump after grinding.

Tree Removal

For when you just want the tree to be gone, there’s no simpler solution than complete tree removal. Our crew removes the entire tree or trees of your choice. When finished, we provide a thorough clean up, and remove all remains. If desired, we can cut down the wood into smaller pieces that can be used as firewood.

Contact us for a free estimate for our tree removal or stump grinding services.