Tree Removal

Tree removal is a technical task, and should only be performed by skilled professionals, extensively trained with the knowledge to do the job with precision, efficiency, and adherence to the highest standard of safety. Tree removal can be warranted for several reasons. It may be because of a safety or liability concern for your property or adjacent properties, or it might be necessary for the health and aesthetics of the surrounding landscape. Tree removal allows competing trees to develop and mature to their full potential. Depending on the individual needs of our clients, tree removal by Justin’s Tree Service typically includes taking down the entire tree, chipping and removing all of the brush, and either cutting the stumps as low as possible to the ground, or grinding out the stumps.

What Our Client Say About Us

Justin’s Tree Service removed several massive limbs on a Sweet Gum tree in my backyard. They were very mindful of my landscaping and firepit below. Very precise and very professional. Will definitely use him again if needed, and actually made a good friend out of it!

Noelle Harrington

Justin’s Tree Service was referred to me by another company. They were great to work with. I previously hired another tree company who left the job half finished and my yard a mess. Justin showed up exactly when he said and over delivered on job he told me he would do. My yard looks great and all the wood is gone.

I’m saving his number for ALL future tree services I need. Very grateful for a quality company

Nicholas Dunbar

Called around to a couple tree companies, but Justin was the first one to call me back. He is a very professional, nice guy who definitely knows his stuff. They came out and took out a dead/leaning Maple tree and trimmed a few of our crape myrtles. Couldn’t be more happy with their service, especially with their clean up.

Sameer Aery
Justin’s Tree Service is excellent! The crew was on time, they were very professional, and literally amazed me at what they did! I had huge branches hanging over my roof and I still don’t know how they removed them without damaging anything! AMAZING work guys! They did a lot of work for my neighbor today too! Removed 3 total trees, trimmed 2 monsters, and grinded 6 total stumps. Excellent pricing. Excellent work. Vice nice and professional crew. I HIGHLY recommend Justin’s Tree Service! Thanks again, Justin and crew!
Terra Nightingale